Welcome to Röyttä


Röyttä Island in Ii (not the same Röyttä Island that lies in front of Tornio) is located roughly 20 kilometres from Oulu and 10 kilometres from Rantakestilä, Ii. The nearest harbour on the mainland is Praava, about four kilometres from the island. The island can be freely accessed by your own boat or by boat transport from Praava, Ii, in summer and across the sea’s ice cover in winter. The island’s historical buildings can be rented for accommodation and meetings. 

Coordinates: 65°16.3’ N, 25°13.0 E

Harbour number: 1927
Nautical chart series: G
Nautical chart: 847, 850, 57, 58
Mooring: buoy
Visitor moorings: 80
Draught: 2 – 3 m

The Oulu Yacht Club (OPS ry), The Oulun Merenkävijät Association (OM ry), The Iin Meriseura Association (IM ry), The Haukipudas Yacht Club (HaPS ry), The Haukiputaan Veneilijät Association (HPV ry) and  The Oulun Työväen Pursiseura Association (OTPS ry)  have established the common association called Iin Röytän toimijat ry (IRT ).

This common association represents all above mentioned boating associations  regarding any Röyttä issues.  All member associations have their own cottages and saunas in Röyttä. Those cottages and saunas are for the members only, however friendly guests may have an invitation to sauna ; )

Iin Röytän toimijat ry has worked a long hours to make this harbor and its environment as it is today.  One of the latest achievements is our brand new outdoor kitchen called Röytän Messi, which is open for all visitors in summer time. You can find hot water (sea water) to do the dishes, electric stove, fire place and dining tables for your disposal.

For cooking and dining under the sky, there are two grills and several picnic tables around.

In addition to swimming ladders, IRT has built a playground which has activity equipment for both children and adults.

Röytän toimijat ry is taking care of electricity and waste management in Röyttä:


20 e/season or    2 e/day

Daily fees: put the coins to the metallic box on the dock. Year sticker and further information from the skipper of M/S Heta

Waste Management

Leave biodegradable waste in the dry toilets. Take all other waste with you.

There are some rubbish bins which Iin Röytän toimijat ry takes care of. You can leave your waste to the bins if you are a member of the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association. Seal sticker on your boat or canoe is a sign of caring and support, of taking responsibility for the environment.  Ask more from the skipper of M/S Heta or visit http://www.pidasaaristosiistina.fi/in_english.

Outdoor maintenance service contract between IRT and Metsähallitus has ended. Please contact Metsähallitus if you have any questions about tidiness, toilets, firewood etc.

Other services in Röyttä: 

Firewood  (Metsähallitus) Firewood can be found from the shelters near the Luotsila building and near the Hepoharju fireplace. Do not use large blocks in grills!

Toilets (Metsähallitus) There are dry toilets (bring your own toilet paper) near the harbour and also in Hepoharju fireplace (northern side of Röyttä).

Drinking Water There is a well near the Luotsila building. The water of the well is not analyzed this year, but it should be suitable for drinking when boiled.


OLD PORT SITE From the end of the 19th century, Röyttä Island functioned as a loading site for sawn goods. Five breakwaters, a pier and housing for the workers were built on the island. In 1924, 41 vessels were loaded there – one thousand cubic metres of sawn goods on each vessel to be transported to Germany or England. After the winding down of ship-loading operations in the 1960s, the island found a new purpose as an excursion boating base when the Oulun Merenkävijäin ja Oulun Purjehdusseuran Telakkasäätiö foundation and Metsähallitus signed a rental contract in 1966. Along with the rental contract, the yacht clubs of Oulu obtained the usufructuary rights to the former loading site and the breakwaters and also obtained the right to use the former pilots’ residence as their base. LUOTSILA AND LASTAAJA  As regards the buildings remaining from the shiploading period, Luotsila has functioned as a pilot station and as a pilots’ residence. Lastaaja used to be a place of residence for the ship-loading workers of Röyttä Island. Today, Röyttä is in recreational use and particularly favoured by sailors and other boaters from nearby regions. Luotsila, Lastaaja, the lakeside sauna and the scenic ‘kota’ hut can be rented for meeting and accommodation purposes from the local voluntary maritime rescue association known as Iin Meripelastajat, which also organises transport to Röyttä Island. ORIGIN Röyttä comes from an old Finnish word for “reef”. Röyttä did not emerge from the sea until the 14th century and even in the 1870s, the island was marked as three different islands on the map. On Röyttä, you can see how the vegetation has spread to the soil exposed from the sea. The information boards on the 2-km-long nature trail provide detailed information on the impacts of land uplift. NATURE There are a large variety of habitats on Röyttä. Its deciduous-dominated old-growth forests with plenty of decaying wood are extremely valuable from the perspective of nature conservation. The sparse number of trees is due to Röyttä’s grazing history and the use of the island for ship-loading activities. Coniferous trees are taking over the highest spots. On Röyttä, you can also see gloe lakes that have closed up from the sea due to land uplift. Most of the shores are rocky or meadows but there are also a couple of sandy beaches. The beautiful sandy beaches of Satakari Island are to be found on the southern side of Röyttä. Except for its built southern tip, Röyttä belongs to the Röyttä Natura 2000 site.